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       ATMA is a society of key stakeholders involved in agricultural activities for sustainable agricultural development in the district. It is a focal point for integrating Research and Extension activities and decentralizing day-to-day management of the public Agricultural Technology System (ATS). It is a registered society responsible for technology dissemination at the district level. As a society, it would be able to receive and expend project funds, entering into contracts & agreements and maintaining revolving accounts that can be used to collect fees and thereby recovering operating cost.                                   

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Agriculture activity in the east singhbhum district jharkhand


Amit Kumar, I.A.S    Deputy Commissioner       -cum-Chairman, ATMA, East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur

      Kalipad Mahto,          DAO - cum - PD, ATMA,   East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur




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